House Seller’s

I BUY HOUSES CASH AND TERMS AS- IS- CONDITION DOES THIS FIT YOUR SITUATION ARE; YOU IN A SITUATION WHERE YOU MAY BE FACING: Tax Sale, Mortgage Foreclosure, Inherited Property, Probate, Retiring Land Lord, Out of State Owner – OR Just want to SELL? Don’t Walk Away and Leave Your house Vacant Call Mr. Property today at 219-501-0195 I will be happy to take your call. Below are some of the ways that I can help you solve your housing problems.

  1. I can pay cash and give you a fair price for your property. ( Cash offers are based on your properties current market value) The cash offer will be between 30%-69.25% of your properties value. (I DON’T PAY RETAIL VALUE FOR HOUSES).
  2. I can pay you a down payment and monthly payments for a reasonable amount of time.
  3. I can lease your property for a set term with the option to purchase your property.
  4. I can partner with you, and we both can make money.
  5. I can purchase your delinquent land contract. ( Seller that sold a property using seller financing.)
  6. I can place a qualified Lease-Tenant that will pay for the option to buy your property. (Sellers that are not in foreclosure or tax sale, however, each situation, will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine the best option.)
  7. I can refer you to a REALTOR that can help you.
  8. I can offer your property to my private real estate investor network.
  9. I can help you locate a qualified tenant for your vacant rental unit.
  10. I can manage your property during the foreclosure process and possibly put cash in your pocket each month.
  11. Why are you waiting to contact me? Call (219)501-0195 before it’s too late?

Call me today (219)501-0195 to learn how I can buy your house today or partner with you to put cash into your bank account. Your property must fit my investment criteria call to learn how I can help your HOUSING PAIN go away. If, your property does not meet my investment criteria don’t worry I can still offer your property to my private professional real estate investor network.

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