Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions from home sellers & buyers:

1. Do you buy houses in any area and any condition?

No, I purchase houses and apartment buildings that are in disrepair but, I don’t buy properties that are beyond repair.

2. Are you obtaining the house’s cash?

Yes, I purchase properties using CASH; it is King. However, I buy houses and apartment buildings using conventional and unconventional ways.

3. What areas are you buying properties?

That’s a great question; I purchase properties in Lake County & Porter County, Indiana, and some parts of Illinois. However, I work with a network of Creative Real Estate investors in many states. That means I may still be able to help you solve your housing problems by referring your property to someone inside my network.

4. Did you say that you can offer my house to your Real Estate Investor Network?

Yes, I work and communicate with many Professional Real Estate investors that buy and sell houses for a living. They are ready to; buy their next investment project, so if I don’t purchase your property, someone in my network may be interested in purchasing your property. This service will cost you $0.00; it’s free of charge when you work with Mr. Property call me now at (219)501-0195 to sell your house. You have discovered MR. PROPERTY and I produce results call me now (219)501-0195.

5. I owe more than my home is worth can you still purchase my property?

Yes, I or someone in my network may be able to purchase your property contact me today to discuss your current situation call me now (219)501-0195 or click on the contact me tab.

6. My property is going through the probate process, will you still purchase my house?

Yes, we can still purchase your property even if it is in probate.

7. My house is on the Tax Sale due to delinquent property taxes will you buy my house.

Yes, If your property is going to be Sold or already has gotten sold in your Counties Tax Sale Auction, don’t delay at calling me now (219)501-0195. I may still be able to purchase your house and put some cash into your pocket.

8. My home or apartment building is in Foreclosure, will you even buy it from me?

Yes, I can still purchase your property even if you are facing Foreclosure. Call Mr. Property (219)501-0195 now. Please help me help you improve yourself, by allowing me to alleviate the pressure of Foreclosure call me today I can help you get rid of your Real Estate problem contact me now.

9. I’m behind on my mortgage payments can you buy my house?

Yes, if you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, you are currently in what’s referred to as Pre-Foreclosure. Don’t delay at calling me before you sink deeper into debt, and your property gets sold at the Foreclosure Auction. Avoiding this matter will not make it go away call me now (219)501-0195 before it’s too late.

10. Do you rent or lease houses and apartments?

Yes, I Buy, Sell, and Lease houses and apartments.

11. Do you buy commercial properties?

Yes, If you are a real estate investor and you are interested in becoming apart of my network, contact me by filling out the contact me form to become apart of my extraordinary team of Real Estate Investors. To become apart of this network, you will have to show that you have access to at least $10,000 cash. Send your full name, phone number, email address, and time frame that you are looking to purchase an investment real estate.

12. Do you have an email list that I can be added to so that I can receive your exclusive property listings?

Yes, to be added to my exclusive list, you must first subscribe to this blog and email your contact information to me. Send your full name, phone number, and your email address. In the subject line input: ADD ME TO YOUR EMAIL LIST.

13. Do you FINANCE the purchase price of the properties?

Yes, We offer seller financing for some properties to view our properties that are for sale, click on the property for sale tab.

14. Do you run a credit check?

Yes, Although a credit check is required, your ability to pay the monthly payments will determine if you get approved for financing or not.

15. Do you offer coaching or a mentoring program?

Yes, I offer a mentoring and coaching program for those that are looking to get started on the fast track. Contact me for more information about my coaching and mentoring program call me now at (219)501-0195.

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