Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, I am Tye a/k/a Mr. Property. I’m a Real Estate Investor actively investing in Lake County, Indiana. This blog has been created to educate individuals who desire to invest in real estate, about the in’s, and out’s, of buying a rental property, for cash flow, and wealth creation. This blog will give you invaluable information about buying houses, selling houses, leasing houses, renting apartments and, assigning real estate contracts for huge profits in today’s market!

Subscribe to this blog and learn from my experience, avoid the very mistakes that “I’ve personally made, on my journey to financial independence. I’ve become an expert, Real Estate Investor. What? A wonderful thing! Your desire to be a Real Estate Investor, and your desire, has led you to me. Well, I guarantee you that you’re in the right place. I am, he who helps, motivated individuals like yourself, manifest their intangible thoughts and desires into reality. I am Mr. Property! I will help you manifest your dream of homeownership into a reality. Real Estate Opportunities are available for sale and for lease, with the option to buy. Just click on the properties for sale tab, or the rent to own one, to view all my latest property listings. Are you ready to buy now? If so, call me at (219)501-0195 and start investing today.

Do you have a house that you want to sell fast? I’m guessing you do need to sell a home. But the real question is, does your house meet my investment criteria, And are you motivated enough to sell me your house for 30%-70% of your property’s current market value? ( What similar properties have actually SOLD for.) Call Mr. Property (219)501-0195 today to receive an offer for your house. I’m happy to talk about your property, your wants, and your desires, to determine if we’ll be a good fit to work with one another.

Is your house in need of repairs? Sure it is the repairs that may be why you’re selling in the first place. My associate’s and I buy houses that need to be repaired, so call me now (219)501-0195 to sell your home. Even if your property needs a lot of work. I may be able to buy it call me to find out today.

Have you seen my “I Buy House’s Cash Sign,” or did someone refer you to me? Did you receive a letter, a phone call, or a text message from me? If you’re reading this message, it’s no mistake or accident. I promise you, I deliberately contacted you because I know that you need my help to sell your house fast. Here is the reality, you will either sell your home or lose your house in your current financial state. Stop being stubborn and denying the fact that things have changed in your life, recognize that you now need help. The longer you wait, the less time there will be to avoid Mortgage Foreclosure, or a Tax Sale situation, call Mr. Property now (219)501-0195.

Why would you contact me to sell your house? I only work with people who want to work with me so, if you feel you want to work with my competitors, please do call them. However, I will say you will not find another investor, that will provide you with a creative service like the one that I offer. I execute results ” I Buy Houses Cash,” but if I don’t buy your house,  A Professional Real Estate Investor in my network will, I am the best at what I do! Keep in mind you contacted me to buy your house so know I’m looking for a bargain price, I won’t pay you retail value for your property. However, I will offer you a fair amount and a fast-closing for your house if it meets my investment criteria. Just for calling me about selling your home if I don’t buy your house. I’ll offer it to my private network of investors free of charge as long as your house is one that’s worth my time investment. Yes, I will submit your property to my network of professional real estate investors as long as its a deal contact me for more information.

Please don’t let your house set vacant contact me today. I’m happy to help you solve your housing problems call now (219)501-0195. I can make you an offer to purchase your house today!

Did you recently inherit a house, are you currently facing mortgage foreclosure, or tax sale, are you a tired landlord or presently going through the probate process, or do you just want to sell? If, so I can solve your housing problem. Call me Mr. Property now for an offer (219)501-0595.

Have you sold your house using a land contract but, now the deadbeat debtors are delinquent? If you are the owner of a property that you traded with seller financing but, the debtor has stopped making the monthly payments call me now (219) 501-0195. I may be able to help you! How may I help, you might ask? And, to that question, I will reply, I will purchase the land contact you have in your possession today. What are you waiting for? Call Mr. Property to sell your land contract or purchase money mortgage. I’ll buy it from you, at a discount, of course, please blame the time value of money for the discounted price I’ll offer you.

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