Rental/Lease Qualifications

Below you will find the must-have and must do’s to qualify as a resident with us.

  1. Must fill out a rental application entirely with correct information plus pay the non-refundable application fee of $40.00
  2.  Must have a valid State ID or Drivers Licensee
  3. Must have a valid Social Security Card
  4. Must be able to provide proof of income in the form of check-stubs, bank, statements, Tax-Returns, or any other evidence that will verify the income that you claim.
  5. Must submit to an eviction check, criminal background check, and credit check.
  6. Must not have been evicted in the last 36 mths.
  7. Must be honest and have integrity. Honesty will help you in the application process.
  8. Must be respectful.
  9. Must be able to pay the full move-in cost, including the 1st-month rent and security deposit.
  10. Must be able to abide by our no pet policy.
  11. Must pay all money in the form of a cashier’s check, certified funds, or money order.
  12. Must be willing to sign up for a free email account for communication with management if you get accepted as a resident.

Note: Although a credit check for each applicant 18 years of age or older will be obtained, being able to afford the rental unit you’re applying for will be the most significant determining factor that will qualify or disqualify you for the rental.

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