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All real estate is being sold as-is in its present condition.

It’s your responsibility to do your inspections and repair estimates.

Seller makes no guarantee or warranty of the property‘s physical condition. The seller will not make any repairs.

2219 NICHOLES PL. Gary, IN

Sold No longer available:

$6,500 Cash or $15,000 with $2,000 down, over a 36mth term, with 36 monthly P&I; Installment payments of $415.27mth. 5% Interest


3 bedrooms/ 1 bathroom unfinished basement

2721 Jackson Street, Gary, IN 46409

For Sale: $60,323.23(Rent To Own) $6,000$12,800 down after we fix it up.

Rent 2 Own $ you fix it up: $58,999.00 pay a low down payment between $5,899.99 -$11,000 and a small monthly payment until its paid off.

Cash Price: $44,999.93 (OBO)

Note: Theft occurred at this property parts were stolen from the furnace and water heater.

Repairs needed:

  • Mold removal (basement)
  • General cleaning
  • A new subfloor in the kitchen
  • The rear of roof has been repaired.
  • The garage needs cleaning out.
2 bedroom / 1 bathroom unfinished basement

4169 Connecticut St. Gary, IN

For Sale: $133,056.33

5 bedroom / 2 bathroom

2-Flat with units with separate electric and gas meters. Neighborhood watch program in the area.

Unit #1: 3 bedroom / 1 bathroom

Unit # 2: 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom

5 bedroom / 2 bathroom /2-Flat

3941 Parrish Ave, East Chicago, IN, 2-Flat


$80,997 CASH / OR $103,000 with $10,000-$23-000 down OWNER-FINANCE

3 bedroom / 2 bathroom / 2-Flat

3745 Parrish Ave, East Chicago, IN


$40,900.00 Cash / OR $60,900.00 OWNER-FINANCE With A 20% DOWN PAYMENT

This property is Zoned for R2. The great thing about this property is that the zoning can be changed to commercial or mixed-use. The building is set up to be a Bar but can also become retail or retail and residential use. Currently, there is a huge need for a convenience store in the are. What a big opportunity to make a profit and jump into the store business. The city also has a program that will help you improve this property if you decide to use it for business use.

246 Pierce St., Gary, IN 46404

This is a Townhouse

$65,000 (Rent To Own after we fi,x it up pay $6,000-12,999 down payment.

Or $55,000 (RTO you fix, it up) pay a low down payment between $5,300-10,600 and a small monthly payment until it’s paid off.

$43,933.33 (Cash Payment)

or Take over the payment for this property its $325mth. ($10,000-$12,000 buy-out payment.) OBO

Repairs Needed

  • Needs new plumbing
  • Needs updated Electrical
  • Needs water heater & Furnace
  • Needs Cosmetic work ex: cabinets, paint, clean up
2bedroom / 1 bathroom / unfinished basement Townhouse
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