Happy Customers Review.

I am grateful and satisfied with your service. I have recommended your service to people who needed assistance and, I will continue to recommend your services. I hope your business flourish and, you reach your goal of purchasing 100 buildings.
Take care and God BlessJacquelyn Jimenez


Happy Customer Review.

Recently, I was looking to add another house to my portfolio and I found a listing that Tye Comer had listed on Facebook Marketplace.

He asked for proof of funds before he would schedule an appointment, which I supplied and he promptly set up a showing.  Tye sent out a confirmation text to those that were scheduled to see the property the night before.  At the property, Tye was very friendly and knowledgeable about real estate.

He answered all questions directly and made sure he gave time to each person that was at the property.  Once I informed him that I wanted to purchase the property, Tye said he would be in contact shortly with closing information.

At first, I was skeptical because I was about to enter a deal with a stranger that I met over social media, but I was quickly reassured with his use of a clear contract and his use of a title company.

At one point during the process, he was not able to contact me because his phone broke, but he sent me an email stating what happened, and that he would contact me as soon as possible.

This was a very professional move and I really appreciated that.  Things happen, and how you deal with those things is very important.

Throughout the entire process, Tye was professional and did what he said he would do.  It was truly a great process and I would happily do another deal with Tye Comer if I’m in a position to do so.

Thanks again, Tye!

Joe Peterson

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