Watch “Rental Apartment Unit Renovation” on YouTube

As im sitting here thinking about all of the projects that I have completed in the year 2021, I realized that this current apartment renovation will be the easiest and fastest to complete. This thought here is what lead me to write this post.

Three thing’s I learned from purchasing real estate for the purpose of generating income and building wealth are as follows:

  • Always take notes about each property’s current rental minor and significant problems. ( This is how you learn your property’s issues)  this will allow you to know what can go wrong at each location you manage.
  • Always pay contractors with a business check. ( This will allow you to keep a record of all the payments paid to each contractor)
  • Always have a dumpster service available to deliver and pick up a roll-off box dumpster to the location you are rehabbing. (This will keep you from stressing about removing all of the Constitution debris at your project.)

We are removing the old floor tile so the new flooring doesn’t move when installed. Click here πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ watch the work being done inside this apartment unit.

This project will be completed soon. I’ll update you on the rehabilitation progress of this unit. I will be showing before and after photos of the apartment unit in my next post. Until then, stay focused and happy with real estate investing.

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