The Lake County, Indiana Local Real Estate Market

What I am about to say about the local Lake County, Indiana, real estate market is what I know to be true of the areas I’m currently renting, buying, and selling houses. Some investors may disagree, but; so what welcome to real estate investing from the perspective of a local real estate entrepreneur doing deals each month.

Now that I said that, get ready for the truth about buying, selling, and renting real estate in Lake County Indiana, specifically East Chicago, Hammond, Gary, Whiting, and it’s surrounding areas. These are the cities that I am currently doing deals and making profits. However, I have spoken with lots of other local real estate investors and wholesalers. I have seen them past by seeking real estate opportunities. Around my investment areas tell me that it’s no money to be made here in Lake County, Indiana, urban neighborhoods. I continue to complete real estate transactions that continue to generate remarkable profit margins for my investors, partners, company, and my- self. I know that you may be trying to answer the following questions about the local real estate marketplace.

  1. Why are other investors and wholesalers in my area complaining about closing deals?
  2. How can I be sure that you are completing real estate deals like you claim you are? (That’s a great question because I know many frauds are out there claiming to be real estate investors but, it becomes clear that they fail to perform and close on the property.)
  3. What are you doing differently in the marketplace from the other wholesalers and investors in your area?
  4. Can I make money investing in real estate in urban communities?

So you want to know the answers to the above questions. Well, I will give you the answers that you seek. However, first, I must tell you that most would be real estate investors and wholesalers are just not dedicated to building a business and therefore possess a shallow drive to succeed as a real estate entrepreneur. So they don’t understand that being a real estate investor is not a get prosperous quick endeavor although you can get rich fast with skill and a little luck. Being a real estate investor is a lifestyle that you must choose and become committed to, or you are just wasting your time and hard-earned money. To put it simple despite what you heard, read, seen, or believe at the end of the day, real estate investing is a business just like any other business, and the investors that understand this fact are closing deals.

Here we go, I will now answer the above questions lots of investors are complaining about not being able to close deals because they don’t understand how to run a business. They don’t understand systems, and because of that, they are running their business into the ground. Staying stuck, I know because I was making the same mistake. However, I started to focus on systems building and working on my business instead of working in my industry. Contact me. I can show you how I scaled my company from zero to 2 deals a month to 4 – 10 transactions a month, don’t delay. I can show you how to scale your business up. Subscribe below and join my network.

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